5 Reasons That Herpes Dating Apps Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Living in a world that’s become dominated by social media makes it difficult to say or do anything without it being reported to everyone you know. If you’re living with an STD like herpes this phenomenon is only amplified. There’s no doubt there’s a stigma attached to living with an STD, which is why many people simply retreat into a shell and avoid outside contact. This obviously isn’t a healthy way to live your life and it really isn’t necessary either. The growth in popularity of herpes dating sites provides proof that people living with these challenges are increasingly recognizing that life does go on. In this article we put together a summary of five great reasons for why herpes dating apps have become increasingly popular in the last few years.

#1 Access to Like-Minded People
The first reason on our list for the increased popularity of herpes dating apps is the fact that it brings together a group of like-minded people in a forum where everyone feels comfortable with each other. While not everybody using a herpes dating site may be living with the disease, they are at least open to having a relationship with someone that does. This eliminates a lot of the stigma attached with having to try and explain to a potential match that you have herpes and how you might’ve contracted it.

#2 Easier to Find a Match Than It Is offline
Another reason people with herpes migrate towards dating apps rather than trying to find the right person in traditional dating environments such as nightclubs and pubs is that it’s simply that much easier. When you’re trying to find a date through traditional methods such as showing up in a nightclub you have no way of knowing what the person you’ve just met is living with. They may have herpes just like you, but you would never know unless you ask them – it’s not the kind of thing that generally comes up in conversation the first time meet someone. When you join a herpes dating site you can be positive the potential matches your meeting up with either have herpes or are okay with the fact that you do.

#3 You Don’t Have To Worry about Infecting an Unsuspecting Person
One of the biggest worries for people living with STD’s such as herpes is that they’ll unintentionally infect a sexual partner. This is a scary prospect and many people just decide the better off not dating at all. Sure, you can explain to someone you meet that you’re living with an STD and that they’ll be at risk if they have sexual contact with you, but most people find this a very difficult topic to broach. Again, when you meet someone through an online dating service it’s dedicated to bringing together people with herpes this is an to worry at all.

#4 You Don’t Have To Worry about Being Judged
No one likes to be judged or teased and this definitely applies to people living with herpes. It’s a traumatic enough experience finding out that you’re living with such a disease and that your life is now going to change forever – you don’t need the added stigma of having to be either directly or indirectly judged by the people around you. For this reason herpes dating sites have become increasingly popular, for the simple reason that it’s a place where you can gather and potentially meet for romance without having to worry about being judged.

#5 Convenience
People living with herpes are just like everybody else – they lead busy lives they don’t have a lot of time to waste on unproductive affairs. Using a dating service is just as convenient to a person with herpes as it is to anybody else. It saves time and it takes the guessing game out of dating. In this respect people living with herpes really are no different than anybody else.

Final Thoughts
There may be other reasons for the growth in popularity of dating sites for people with herpes and apps, but this list includes a fairly comprehensive group of reasons why people living with herpes are flocking towards dating sites. It’s great not to have to worry about infecting another person, or suffering the indignity of being judged by people who don’t understand that is. With all the online dating services now available to people living with herpes there really is no reason to remain living in the shadows.

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