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MPWH App Review

If you’re living with an STD such as herpes life can be a challenge – especially trying to get involved in the dating world again. Fortunately, there are some great dating sites and apps that can help you jump back in to dating again and MPWH is one of the best options out there. This is a service that helps to connect people living with herpes through their website and mobile app. The app in particular is quite unique and offers tons of great features that utilize the strengths of mobile devices. If your preferred access to the World Wide Web is via your smart phone or tablet than this is a must-have app for your device.

Look and Feel
The best part about this app is that it really focuses on images over anything else. The app opens by default in a news feed which features potential matches in your area. What makes this feature stand out is that it focuses on images posted by members to the extent that they take up most of the screen. This allows you a great look at potential matches and let’s face it, the visuals are always important in any dating decision.

I really enjoyed the navigation on this app well. The menu is very unobtrusive and is found at the bottom of the app. Here you’ll find simple access to all of the apps main features, but it doesn’t take up very much room at all. Above this menu is the main window of the app which is where you’ll see any feature you access displayed.

Key Features
The news feed mentioned above is a great feature, but what makes it really stand out is that if you tap on a picture in the news feed of a member that strikes your interests it will take you right to their member profile where you can view a great deal of information about them. If it sounds like they’re a match for you then you can send them a wink, include them in your favourites, or send an email.

Another great feature of this app is the Spark function, which is a built-in dating to of the type that’s become increasingly common in dating apps. What I liked in particular about this one is that it provides you with a nice simple introduction that explains how the game works – I’ve seen other apps where this isn’t the case. Before you can use this function though you will have to make sure you’ve uploaded a picture of yourself to your profile, as this is an essential requirement game.

One final feature that does they’re mentioning is the apps built in search function. This is more than just your basic search option as it doesn’t ask you quite a few questions before providing you with potential matches in your area. Once you tap on the search now button it only takes about a second or two to bring up your search request. The response time of this function is quite impressive.

Pros and Cons
News feed focuses on the images
Great navigation features
News feed features quick access to member profiles
Includes a Sparks built-in dating game
Excellent search feature


Final Words
After trying out several different dating apps in the herpes dating niche have to say that the MPWH app is one of the best ones I’ve found so far. It’s got an excellent user interface and great search features which make using it pleasure. Best of all it makes accessing member profiles simple and efficient. If you’ve just recently found out you have herpes and you want to get back involved in the dating world this app is a great place to start.

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