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Hope Dating App Review

While it may seem normal to expect a great dating site to also have a great app, this isn’t always necessarily the case – especially for sites that have been around for a while as they were likely in existence before apps became popular. For a dating app to mirror the popularity of its website it has to take advantage of the unique features of mobile devices, such as touchscreen technology and the need for instant gratification. The Hope dating service is one organization that has made the transition from website to mobile app successfully.

Look and Feel
This app impressed me right off the bat. The first time you run the app they take you through a nice walk through that actually shows you examples of the sites main interface so that you can get a good feel for the app before you even use it. As it turns out this app has quite a cool user interface – in fact the only thing I didn’t really like was the apps initial opening screen which is a picture collage of something called a who’s hot list. It’s not that this is a bad feature, it just didn’t seem appropriate as the opening feature of this app.

If you want to navigate to the actual usable areas of the app you’ll find a menu on the top left corner. If you tap on the menu a list of available features look here down the left-hand side of the app. You’ll find your search function here, your messaging function here, a game called speed match, any matches you already set up, and you can also navigate back to the hot list for here. It’s actually a rather simple set up, but it works quite well and is very intuitive.

Key Features
This app includes many of the same features that you’ll find on Hope Dating’s main site, including messaging and chat features, as well as many other tools to help make your dating life more interesting. What is unique about the app is the simple navigation menu that you can pull up any time by tapping on the menu icon in the top left corner. From this menu you can navigate to any service available within the app.

My personal favorite feature of this app is the SpeedMatch game. When you tap on this feature the app loads potential matches in your geographic area and you can then select who you like or dislike a simple swipe’s on the screen. It’s a fun way to meet someone and also a pretty quick way to do it as well.

Another feature I also thought was a great addition to this app is the bookmarks feature which allows you to quickly access any member you save as a potential match in a matter of a couple of seconds. Of course to use this you have to first search for members using the search function, so this is an essential feature as well. Once you find a member that you’re interested in from the search screen all you have to do is tap on the bookmark icon at the bottom of their profile to save it to your bookmarks. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it’s a great way to keep track of interesting people.

Pros and Cons
Great introductory walk-through
Simple and intuitive menu navigation bar
Features a great SpeedMatch dating mini-game
Awesome bookmark feature

The app defaults to something called the HotList, which is a little confusing

Final Words
The Hope Dating app is a great companion app for the Hope Dating website. The only minor issue with the site is the strange tendency for it to default to the HotList, but once you figure out that you can navigate easily using the menu icon in the top left corner it’s actually quite a good app. Best of all, you can do pretty much anything with this app that you can do on the main website. So if you’re living with herpes and you want to get involved in the dating scene again this app is a great choice.

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