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Hift App Review

Every once in a while find an app that can only be described as a breath of fresh air and that aptly describes the Hift dating app with herpes. This is a beautiful app that’s well design and full of great features. It’s probably the most professional herpes dating site you’ll find in either the App Store or the Google Play store. If you’re living with herpes and you’re looking for a great place to meet new people living with the same issues the Hift app is a great place to start.

Look and Feel
This app combines great features with a great look. It’s not just your bare bones look – there really is the attention to detail here. The graphic interface is spectacular, creating a dating app that combines the best aspects of a dating service with the best aspects of a social media service.

The other thing that makes this app stand out is that everything is larger than life. Pictures are essential to the look and feel of this app and navigation is intuitive and straightforward. It’s not just the pictures that are larger than life will fonts used in this app really help it to stand out. They are nice and large and easy to read, but it only serves to reinforce the look and feel of the app. It’s the combination of how images and words are used in this app that helps it to stand out.

Key Features
The focus of this app is a simple dating game – everything is built around us. The first time you open the app the first thing you’re greeted with is the built-in game. The way the game works is that you’re presented with large pictures of other members who are generally members of the opposite sex (if that’s your thing), along with some basic information from their profile. If you find there picture and information enticing you can swipe right to favorite them, or if you’re not interested you can swipe left and they’ll be discarded from your potential matches. If you do find a match that you like and you save them in your favorites, you’ll then be added to their feed. If they in turn also like you both of you will receive notifications that a potential match has been made and you can then both decide if you want to proceed further.

The other great feature of this app is something called Moments. This is essentially a news feed which members can use to post pictures, or to leave simple status updates. It’s a great way to get your feet wet on the app that doesn’t require any immediate commitment. This news feed works like news feeds on other social media apps where you can leave comments and you can express your like of a picture or comment. It’s a great feature that really adds a familiar feel to this app.

Pros and Cons
Sophisticated, graphically rich, user interface
Includes large pictures and fonts
Also includes an excellent dating game feature
Has a great social media newsfeed

Other than the dating game app the features are very limited

Final Words
If you’re looking for a new unique and fun way to get involved with the dating scene after you find out you have herpes then you should definitely give the Hift app a try. This app turns dating into a unique game that’s fun and interesting. Living with an STD is certainly a serious condition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun and the developers of this app have recognized.

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