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Positive Connections App Review

After reviewing many different dating apps you have to say I’ve never came across one that is quite is unique as the Positive Connections app. This app was created for those living with herpes that want a great service for connecting them with other people living with a similar STD. While there are undoubtedly other great dating apps devoted to those living with herpes, none of them have put together an app that’s quite as impressive as this one. If you want an app that’s more than just an extension of a dating services existing website, then you’ll definitely want to give this one a chance.

Look and Feel
From the very first time you use this app you’ll be impressed by professional looking appearance. Not only do they have some great features, but they’ve also got the look right. It uses some great background colors as well as some cool graphics to give it a friendly look and feel designed to make you feel of home. Getting involved in dating again after finding out you have herpes can be a scary prospect and having an app like this that make you feel comfortable is a good start.

This app is also very easy to navigate with a quick access menu icon in the top left corner that will take you to all of the apps main functions. When you tap on this menu you’ll have full access to all of the main features. It’s actually set up as a social media app where you can send and receive friend requests which is quite a unique feature for a dating app.

Key Features
A great feature of this app is that it allows you to send photo requests to members. This is a sort of private sharing of images between you and another member that you won’t find on other dating sites or apps. It’s a fun way to get to know someone and as images are always one of the most powerful ways of exchanging information it’s also very effective.

This app also has another unique feature that’s called neighbors which allows you to find people near you that you might want to connect with. You can then use these connections you make with the neighbors feature to set up events where you can meet people live in a less stressful environment with no automatic commitments. The idea is to create an atmosphere in which other people with herpes come together in one environment where all are looking for potential connections, but they do it in a group environment in order to relieve the pressure.

One final unique feature that this app includes is something called a mood setting. You can use this setting to change and express your moods throughout the day so that other members can get a feel for what your state of mind is at the time. We’re all individuals in this is just another way of expressing our individualism.

Pros and Cons
A Great user interface
Includes an easily accessible navigation system
Also has a photo requests feature that’s quite unique
An innovative neighbor’s connection feature
Encourages life meets between members

Quite new and need more users

Final Words
The Positive Connections app is one of the best herpes dating apps available for mobile devices. This app has unique features such as Neighbors, photo sharing, and live meets which encourage members to get together in real life situations. Dating when you have herpes can be an overwhelming experience in the comfortable environment created by this app makes it that much easier.

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