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Positive Singles App Review

The best dating sites also have great apps that accompany those sites and Positive Singles is no exception. Not only is this site is one of the most popular dating sites for people with herpes it also has one of the best apps. What makes a great app? Well, ease-of-use is really the main factor in determining if an app can be considered a great one. With dating sites in particular you want to look and see if a lot of the sites mean features are transferred into their app. If a dating site has a great website and it’s able to translate that look and feel to its app what you’ve got is a winning combination.

Look and Feel
This app has a fun look and feel that immediately makes you feel right at home. It also has a great initial walk-through of the app that explains in a quick and fun way how the app is. One thing I really liked with the app can actually use your GPS service to automatically find the region of the world you live in, which saves a little bit of time in the login process.

Navigating your way around this app is also a breeze – you’ll find a menu at the bottom of the app with some simple tools for browsing and above this menu is the apps main window which features potential matches for you. The menu also features a favorites tab which you can tap on to view any members that you’ve previously saved as one of your favorites. You can also tap on the settings app in the top left corner where you’ll find some other tools such as the apps messaging features and chat functions.

Key Features
Perhaps one of the most innovative features of this app is the Moments feature. This feature is a sort of social media feed where members of Positive Singles can post their thoughts as well as their pictures. It’s a great social media setting for you to get your feet wet before you make your first attempts at finding a match for potential dates.

Another cool feature of this app is the Lets Meet feature, which is a sort of dating game built within the app. Essentially what happens is you’re presented with photos of other members and you can either swipe left to signify that you’re not interested in that person, or you can swipe right to signify that you are. If another member that’s playing the game chooses to like your photo and you’ve liked them as well you’ll be presented with the option of connecting with each other for a date. This is a fun way to meet new people and does a great job of taking the pressure off of using a dating app.

One final feature that helps this app to stand out from the crowd is its great blogs section. It’s a great place where members blow off a little steam and talk about things that are interesting. What I really liked about this is that anybody can contribute – all you have to do is tap on the + in the top right corner and type your own little blog entry. It’s a lot of fun and another great way to get involved in the app.

Pros and Cons
Can use your GPS location to automatically set your region
Includes a favorites tab where you can store members that interest you
Easy access messaging and chat features
The Meets feature is a sort of social media feed
The Lets Meet feature is a fun dating game built into the app
Includes a blog were all members can contribute


Final Words
The Positive Singles app is a great companion feature for the main website, or you can use it as a standalone app all by itself. It has some fantastic features such as the Meets social media feed, the Lets Meet dating game feature, a member blog, as well as your standard messaging and chat features. Overall this is a great app that’s definitely worth downloading, as it will help you meet some great people and potentially help you to meet someone special for long-term relationship.

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