5 Reasons That Positive Singles Is the Best Herpes Dating App

Positive Singles is one of the most popular herpes dating apps and dating sites. There are a lot of reasons for this, such as its large database and numbers as well as its fantastic features, but there’s more to it than that. This app provides a positive experience for people living with herpes that’s both supportive and user-friendly. Living with an STD’s challenging enough, you don’t want an app dating service that’s also a challenge to. There’s simply no app on the market it does a better job of providing a forum for people living with herpes meet and date than Positive Singles. Here are our five main reasons that we believe Positive Singles the best herpes dating app that you’ll find there in the App Store, or Google Play store.

#1 It’s Free
Everybody likes something that’s free and people living with herpes find free services just as attractive as anybody else. The Positive Singles app basic features are free to use and relies on things like advertising as a way of making money instead. This is very different from the website where you will have to buy a premium membership if you want to access all of the sites features. This is a great reason why many people flock to the app instead of the website. When something is free you’re bound to get an increased number of curious users that really aren’t great matches, but Positive Singles is without a doubt a great place to find a good match.

#2 More Than 1 Million Members
The fact that Positive Singles has more than 1 million active members is a great reason for this app to be considered the number one herpes dating app. You won’t find numbers like that on any other herpes dating, so even if you have to sift through a few bad apples there still a great chance of meeting a potential lifetime match. You know what they say, there is strength in numbers.

#3 Plenty of Experience
Positive Singles has been at the top of the hierarchy of herpes dating apps since its inception in 2002 – that’s a long time in the online dating world. Along the way they probably made a few mistakes, but they generally work out all the kinks and they now provide a premium service that second to none. We are not suggesting that because they’ve been around so long that that automatically means that it’s a great service, but in this case it does apply.

#4 Easy to Navigate
Some apps are confusing and hard to figure out – not so with Positive Singles. This app has one of the easiest set of tools for navigation you’ll find on any pertinent. It includes a great menu with all of its major features accessible the simple tap your finger and the menu is always available in a matter which screen you’re in.

#5 Feature Packed
Perhaps the main reason that we believe Positive Singles is the best herpes dating app around is because it has tons of great features. After all, the main reason use an app like this is because of its features. The Positive Singles app includes a feature called Moments which is a sort of social media feed where you can share the moments in your life, it also includes something called A Let’s Meet which is a sort of dating game billed within the app, and it has a great blog. All of these features together create a great atmosphere for meeting new people and eventually dating as well.

Final Thoughts
Positive Singles is quite simply the best herpes dating app on the market it easy to use, it has an extended database of members to choose from, and it’s packed full of great features. If you’ve recently found out you’re living with herpes and you’re looking for the best dating apps out there then you should definitely check out Positive Singles.

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